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All business owners hate credit card fees...

The reality, however, is that the only way to ever reduce your credit card processing fees is by allowing companies like Keystone Merchant Solutions to compete for your business. We are ready and willing to compete and will do so in a professional manner that will be respectful of your time. Give us 15 minutes and if we can't lower your existing processing fees by at least 20%, then we won't bother giving you a proposal.

We hold providing simple, understandable and transparent pricing as our guiding principle. Our customers are critical to our success. We are customer-focused and responsive, sensitive to our customer's needs. Value Pricing and customer service is our signature, and we take pride in exceeding our customer's expectations.

October 1, 2010: Durbin Amendment will effectively cap debit card interchange rates at $0.21 and 0.05% per transaction for an estimated 40% of all business owners

The Amendment ostensibly reduces the cost of doing business for the average merchant of both traditional and e-commerce, who accepts Debit/Check cards. In reality, the majority of merchants (estimated at 60%) will not automatically realize the economic benefits advocated by proponents of the Amendment. Most merchants have what is referred to as Tiered or Discount pricing arrangements with their Credit Card processor. E-commerce processors such as PayPal and Google Pay employ similar tiered pricing structures. The processor is under no obligation to pass along the mandated cut in the Interchange Rate. Merchants with existing Interchange-Plus or Pass-Through pricing arrangements will see an automatic reduction in the processing costs associated with debit cards. Keystone Merchant Solutions promotes Interchange Plus pricing.

Do you know if you have 'tiered/discount pricing' or Interchange Plus pricing? Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified transactions are tell tale signs of tiered pricing. Contact us to review your statements in a no pressure, respectful manner. If you are truly content with your current provider, feel free to use our information to simply negotiate better terms on your existing structure. If your current merchant service provider hasn't informed you about the most substantial change in the industry in 15 years then what are you currently paying for?

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